Where have we been?

Wow, just realized that we haven’t updated our website posts since Christmas. First off, my apologies for not updating this page. Please be sure to check out our Facebook page for the recap of events. The link is on this page.

We spent the first half of 2015 recovering from the end of 2014 both in terms of energy, and rebuilding our inventory. We were able to give away more bikes than ever in 2014, but that also meant we had depleted all of our supplies. The good news is that our inventory is back up and we are planning some big things for the remainder of 2015. We have spent the last couple of months rehabbing bikes and will have a large (100+) bicycle giveaway with California Hospital Medical Center in November. We also plan to once again help them out for Christmas related adopt-a-family events along with helping CCV and some other great organizations. We are also still working on finding a permanent home for OMM so that we can bring kids into our site to perform their own bike rehab and repairs. We do not need a lot of space, but we do need at least 800 sq. ft. of industrial or warehouse space to set up properly. If you know someone who may help us with this, please email us at matt@onemoremove.org.

We were also recently interviewed by the Mount Helix Advice Givers podcast in the San Diego area. Listen here¬†for the interview. It’s also a great way to learn about OMM and our Bikes for Kids program.


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