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One More Move has partnered with for ALL of your online purchases.  Virtually all of the online retailers you currently use are available through our link at the same low prices you are used to receiving.  Please consider using our online link for ALL of your future online purchases.

We’ve had a couple instances where we were credited the full sale from Amazon and this has been because the site was accessed without our link when the items were placed into the card.  These are Amazon’s steps to recording a valid sale:

1:  A customer must 1)go through, 2)goto Amazon 3)add item to cart (it will stay in cart for 90 days) — as long as steps 1, 2, 3 were done in order, that item in cart, even if it remained in cart for up to 90 days, will be credited to One More Move when the customer purchases the item.

2:  If a customer does step 1,2,3…leaves the site…and comes back straight to WITHIN 24 HOURS to add something else to the cart, One More Move will STILL get the credit even if the customer goes straight to…but it has to be WITHIN 24 HOURS.

3:  If the steps are not done in order…no credit for One More Move.

Thus far, we have found that the two purchases in question which were not properly credited were directly due to these steps not being followed.  In one case, the items were put in the cart directly from and then the link was only used to access the checkout.  This will not provide a sale credited to One More Move because the link must be used to initiate the sale when putting the items in the cart.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

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