What Motivates Me

I’ll be honest, sometimes I get frustrated by how difficult it can be to juggle everything to keep a non-profit going, but then I get an update from one of the organizations we help on a regular basis and I’m reminded that we can do more: “By the way, I delivered the bike today to a very tearful and appreciative mom. She was the one that we just piled her boxes in her little apartment the first time you delivered to our Adopt-A-Families. The one with all the kids. The oldest daughter did so well in school that she received a scholarship to UCSD and is completing her first semester in college. The bike was for her youngest. The mom is actually going to save the bike and give it to her so she has a gift for Christmas”

One More Move means just that. When you think you’ve done all that you can, dig deep and find that energy or time to make that extra effort to positively impact someone or something. The organization above has adopted 5 families with 18 kids that we will be providing bikes to for Christmas. The bikes may very well be the only “toys” the kids get this year and I’m pretty excited to get to be a part of it.


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