Christmas Bikes in Downtown

Yesterday was the big day that we look forward to more than all other events, working with California Hospital Medical Center to bring Christmas to 6 families that may have otherwise not had a Christmas full of food and gifts. On Sunday December 21st some of our guys along with their families loaded up the Incycle Bicycles van (Thank you Incycle) and traveled with hospital representatives around downtown Los Angeles and Inglewood to spend some time delivering toys, clothing, food, personal items, and bikes to families that visit the hospital on a regular basis for serious medical conditions. For many of the children, the gifts of clothes, toys and a bike are the only presents that will be under their “tree” this year. Unfortunately, some of the residences are so small, that they aren’t able to fit a tree into their one room apartment.

Despite the difficult living and life conditions of these families and children, all of the children are filled with kindness and joy when we arrive. For many of these kids, the bike they receive is the first bike they have ever owned. Our team fit each child with a helmet, adjusted the bike to the correct height and made sure the kids knew how to safely use their bike. We even managed to teach a couple of the kids how to ride their bike or shift gears while we were there. One particular six-year-old boy was so excited that he jumped on his bike and headed downhill only to realize he had no idea how to stop. Thankfully one of our guys was quick to respond was able to stop him before he rode too far away. Another young lady was brought to tears as she will need the bike to get around campus when she returns to college in the spring. In total, bikes were provided to 18 kids and we are grateful for the opportunity to have a positive impact on their Christmas this year.


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