About Us

We are a group of recreational cyclists and amateur racers who want find a way to use our cycling in a positive way to help those around us.  Our group originates from the San Gabriel Valley just East of Los Angeles, and our goal is to challenge ourselves and those around us to take that step outside of our comfort zone and do something extra for those in need.  While this movement has started with just a few, we hope that it will grow and motivate others to take a few minutes of each day to make One More Move to help someone else.


  1. I found out about you thru a friend of mine, Lorraine Reynoso. I was wondering if you have a group of cyclists in the Rancho Cucamonga area? I love what you are doing and although I love running and hiking, getting on my bike for such a great cause sounds really enticing. I would love to learn more … thank you!


    • Anne,
      We have volunteers from all over and several out in the Rancho Cucamonga area. Outside of the 202 on 101 ride we are currently putting together, we do not have any social rides planned on the calendar. We have put out the offer in the past for social rides in the morning prior to our rehab and giveaway events, but have not had much interest. If we can put together people who are interested in a small group ride before our events, I’d be happy to help coordinate that.


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