Where have we been?

Wow, just realized that we haven’t updated our website posts since Christmas. First off, my apologies for not updating this page. Please be sure to check out our Facebook page for the recap of events. The link is on this page.

We spent the first half of 2015 recovering from the end of 2014 both in terms of energy, and rebuilding our inventory. We were able to give away more bikes than ever in 2014, but that also meant we had depleted all of our supplies. The good news is that our inventory is back up and we are planning some big things for the remainder of 2015. We have spent the last couple of months rehabbing bikes and will have a large (100+) bicycle giveaway with California Hospital Medical Center in November. We also plan to once again help them out for Christmas related adopt-a-family events along with helping CCV and some other great organizations. We are also still working on finding a permanent home for OMM so that we can bring kids into our site to perform their own bike rehab and repairs. We do not need a lot of space, but we do need at least 800 sq. ft. of industrial or warehouse space to set up properly. If you know someone who may help us with this, please email us at matt@onemoremove.org.

We were also recently interviewed by the Mount Helix Advice Givers podcast in the San Diego area. Listen here for the interview. It’s also a great way to learn about OMM and our Bikes for Kids program.


Christmas Bikes in Downtown

Yesterday was the big day that we look forward to more than all other events, working with California Hospital Medical Center to bring Christmas to 6 families that may have otherwise not had a Christmas full of food and gifts. On Sunday December 21st some of our guys along with their families loaded up the Incycle Bicycles van (Thank you Incycle) and traveled with hospital representatives around downtown Los Angeles and Inglewood to spend some time delivering toys, clothing, food, personal items, and bikes to families that visit the hospital on a regular basis for serious medical conditions. For many of the children, the gifts of clothes, toys and a bike are the only presents that will be under their “tree” this year. Unfortunately, some of the residences are so small, that they aren’t able to fit a tree into their one room apartment.

Despite the difficult living and life conditions of these families and children, all of the children are filled with kindness and joy when we arrive. For many of these kids, the bike they receive is the first bike they have ever owned. Our team fit each child with a helmet, adjusted the bike to the correct height and made sure the kids knew how to safely use their bike. We even managed to teach a couple of the kids how to ride their bike or shift gears while we were there. One particular six-year-old boy was so excited that he jumped on his bike and headed downhill only to realize he had no idea how to stop. Thankfully one of our guys was quick to respond was able to stop him before he rode too far away. Another young lady was brought to tears as she will need the bike to get around campus when she returns to college in the spring. In total, bikes were provided to 18 kids and we are grateful for the opportunity to have a positive impact on their Christmas this year.


More Photos


What Motivates Me

I’ll be honest, sometimes I get frustrated by how difficult it can be to juggle everything to keep a non-profit going, but then I get an update from one of the organizations we help on a regular basis and I’m reminded that we can do more: “By the way, I delivered the bike today to a very tearful and appreciative mom. She was the one that we just piled her boxes in her little apartment the first time you delivered to our Adopt-A-Families. The one with all the kids. The oldest daughter did so well in school that she received a scholarship to UCSD and is completing her first semester in college. The bike was for her youngest. The mom is actually going to save the bike and give it to her so she has a gift for Christmas”

One More Move means just that. When you think you’ve done all that you can, dig deep and find that energy or time to make that extra effort to positively impact someone or something. The organization above has adopted 5 families with 18 kids that we will be providing bikes to for Christmas. The bikes may very well be the only “toys” the kids get this year and I’m pretty excited to get to be a part of it.


Bike Give Away and Rehab Event

Our next bike give away and rehab event will be Saturday November 15th from 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. at the Incycle Bicycles in San Dimas. They have just moved to their new location in the same shopping center and we will have a ton of bikes to rehab. Since we’ve been blessed with so many bikes, we need more kids to receive the bikes. If know of any children or groups that are in need of bikes, please let us know.


Building New Partnerships

On Saturday October 18th we had our first bike drive with the men’s ministry of Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills. We spent the morning at Calvary Chapel meeting new people, collecting bikes, and refurbishing a few. The members of Calvary Chapel were incredibly generous in donating 32 bikes and some funds to help us meet the needs of more kids. To cap off the weekend, one of the men continued working throughout the weekend and gathered another 17 bikes for us, for a total of 49 over the weekend. We are busting at the seams for storage capacity once again and we will be scheduling several rehab days very soon to get these bikes back out into the community.


Our First Giveaway With Republic Services

A few months back we finalized a partnership with Republic Services to return used bikes to the communities they serve. On Friday October 3, 2014, we had our first giveaway event with them at the Salvation Army in Inglewood. Elected officials from the City and the two Lieutenants responsible for the center were on hand the this great event. We provided some great kids with some bikes and we definitely look forward to hosting more events with Republic Services in the future. Here’s the link to the photo album of the event.

Don’t forget, Christmas and the holidays are coming soon, and this is the busiest time of the year for us. We will be scheduling some dates very soon for rehab days to prepare for all the festivities. And don’t forget, you can help raise money for us by using www.Buy4OMM.com for all of your online purchase, regardless of the website you want to purchase from!


Christmas is Coming!

Alright, I realize that we still have 4 months until Christmas, but we are already starting to make preparations for Christmas. Last year we partnered with the Purist Group and Dahon Bikes to provide new bikes to lots of kids at CCV and California Hospital Medical Center, and we of course want to make this year’s event even larger! While our mission will always remain to provide refurbished bikes, we also enjoy being able to provide some new bikes for Christmas and now is a great time to start shopping. If you are interested in donating a new bike or the funds for us a purchase a new bike, please use the donation button on the right hand side or use the Contact link at the top of the page.


Major Rehab Day – July 12th

A reminder that we are having a major rehab event on July 12th from 9:00a.m. – 3:00p.m. behind the San Dimas Incycle. Our goal for the day is to refurbish at least 100 bikes, so we need as many volunteers as possible. Lunch and drinks will be provided to all who volunteer. Please do not feel obligated if you cannot come the entire time. Even helping for an hour or two will make a huge difference!

Additional event details may be found here.


June 14th – Plain Wrap Ride Volunteers Wanted!

If you aren’t interested in riding in the Plain Wrap Ride, you can still help raise money for One More Move and participate in a fantastic event. As part of the event, there are two support stations to support riders with food and drinks along the route. One site needs volunteers from 8:30 – 10:30am and the second site needs volunteers from 9:30 – 11:30am. A donation will be made to One More Move for every volunteer that signs up through us. Reply here or contact Matt directly (matt@onemoremove.org) for details.


Major Rehab Event – July 12th & Plain Wrap Ride June 14th

Save the date of July 12th for our largest rehab event to date. We have over 100 bikes in our inventory and we need to get at least 100 of them ready to be given away. The final details are in the works, but we are looking at the normal time from of a mid-morning start (9 or 10am to about 2pm). It will be great if we can get 50 or more volunteers out to help us to make this go smoothly and quickly.

June 14th is the Plain Wrap Ride hosted by Coates Cyclery and Citizens Business Bank. For the nominal entry fee of just $25, you and your friends and family can go on various rides between 14 and 60 miles. What’s even better is that $10 of your $25 fee will go back into the inland empire cycling community to programs such as One More Move. This event is first class and is one you don’t want to miss. You can register here or check out the promotion video we made here.